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Little could we know that the letter landed on the desk of the president of the company, Mr.

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  • Help, help! My daughter is flunking Calculus!!!!

Allison F. We had no way of knowing that Stanley had lost a son in World War II and that he would be eager to supply as many aces as we needed. The same day that Stanley read our letter, 1, Aces of Spades were pulled from the production line, packed and shipped to us at no cost. Soon after our first shipment of cards arrived, we received a letter from John B.

Powers with the J. Walter Thompson advertising agency in New York, asking for permission to use the story Stateside. Powers handled the public relations account for the playing card company.

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With our permission in hand, Powers relayed the story to Bob Considine, a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, and he also issued a press release to United Press International. The playing card company soon received so many requests for cards—even from mothers who wanted to send them to their sons—that they started packaging them in specially marked boxes containing 52 aces. They were always shipped to units in Vietnam postage paid. As time went by, Lieutenants Zais and Wissinger were reassigned to other units already stationed within the country, while Lieutenant Davis and I frequently went on operations in different directions.

Days or even weeks might go by without my seeing Davis, but I continued to correspond with Stanley, Powers and Rep. The story eventually ran in newspapers across the United States, and reporters started showing up at C Company for interviews. A few even went into the field with us.

Ace of Spades in Vietnam psychological warfare

One reporter stayed in the field with my 3rd Platoon for six days. In the months that followed, I received several letters from Rep. Walter Thompson advertising agency. I always tried to reply as soon as possible and give them an update on our psychological warfare campaign.

Hosmer, who in February had been severely criticized for suggesting that the United States use psychological warfare in Vietnam, spoke before Congress again on June 14, reading correspondence he and Stanley had received from the lieutenants of Company C. Once the story appeared and spread across America, I received many personal letters from people I had never met. They just wanted us to know they believed in and supported what we were doing.

Vehicle registration plates of Vietnam

I have reread those letters from time to time and still have a good feeling about what we were trying to do. Thanh Nien Daily. Retrieved In Vietnam, blue-colored plates designate cars used by government officials. Foreigners and diplomats are allowed to import cars tax-free for personal use, and they must use license plates marked NN in black and NG in red , respectively. Vehicle registration plates of Asia. Book Category Asia portal. Categories : Vehicle registration plates by country Road transport in Vietnam Vietnam transport-related lists Vehicles of Vietnam.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Nguyen had to leave his village several times because of American air raids, and he surely knew many people, friends, who were killed in the atrocities. Yet here he is today, in the United States, bringing and advocating friendship and always better ties.

In private, and in reading official greetings from the Communist Party of Vietnam, he spoke not about the horrors that the U. In fact, while the fight against U. While working to build their socialist society and to develop the country, they have eschewed the anti-U. Our two nations never should have been enemies. The Vietnamese resistance fighters, including and especially Ho Chi Minh, born years ago, drew inspiration from the ideals of the American Revolution.

Letters Home from Vietnam

The main message on display was simple: war is hell. This is something to which both the Vietnamese people and American soldiers can attest. Animosities are now fading into the past, and it is to the great credit of the Vietnamese people that they are actively working to bury them for good. We in the U. We can start by working to ensure that our government does its part in aiding all the victims of Agent Orange , Vietnamese and American.

Photo: Dan Margolis stands with Mr.