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Together they watch adult movies, Paul then masturbates for Greg. Three days had passed since their get together and Paul was thinking about […]. The differences were: A. He has a very […]. So after […]. While the story is from a true event, the names and places have been changed to protect every one involved. My name is Paul and I work for a beverage and malt company. My main job is to be a mentor to newly hired workers.

This process usually takes about three days then the new […]. So how do I say this? The truth I guess. But I also like to fuck a guy and get my dick sucked.

Only the erotic stories of the genre that stimulates your the most

Well, a few years back I was in jail for a DUI and […]. He […]. This is a true story. I wear diapers for urinary incontinence. One evening as I came over to see him, he greeted me at the door completely nude with a hard dick. As I entered he gave me a hug from behind […]. Anyway, he calls me up and invites me over for lunch or early supper, whichever you call it. I got there about two in the afternoon and when he opened […].

I came over to see him this one day and he had said he […]. This is a true to life tale of being in jail. A gay guy in jail is like gold to some people, meaning that his ass is for one thing and one thing only, being a cum dump hole for other men. And mine was no different. Everybody who saw the MC naked called him Horsemeat. More a story of a strange science experience than anything else. No real sex scene either. So so. Gauthier written under the tongue, then Each time he bought something, he pictured the guy who wore it before him, imagining him rough and handsome.

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One day, he tried a shirt in the fitting room and looked at himself in the mirror, he saw the nice young man he was and as Narcissus he was seduced by his own image. He found a pornographic book of pictures of handsome gay men in the cabin and he masturbated himself there, looking at the stranger in the mirror. Intellectually interesting, since the MC imagined each time the first owner of his clothes and at the end he saw himself as this stranger. But there is nothing to make you feel hot.


Then he went inside the theater to see that movie. In the middle of it a young guy went closer and closer to him, so the MC went to the toilet room, the youth followed and they fucked there.

See a Problem?

Brian's Bedroom , Leigh Rutledge; The theme of this story is mild voyeurism. A guy goes to see his friend Dave living with a handsome roommate named Brian. Strange to think of the erections that must have occurred in them. What was he thinking about the last time he had a hard-on in this exact pair of briefs? But it happens there, the MC not wanting an excuse to continue its investigation.

Sharon shows the house to our MC. Another guy named Michael lives in the attic.

Sharon says that Michael, who is tall, dark-haired and broad-shouldered, owns the place and is in pretty weird stuff. Michael has a regular visitor: a handsome blond guy named Carl. The best story so far. You pull one last trick on Timchenko with me tonight, and I let you give me a blow job.

Jerry, the young man, is kidnapped at knifepoint by the stalker, a big rough-looking guy. Very good story too. Elliot has just arrived at the Pleasure Island to be a slave for two years. This story describes his first humiliations, failures, pains, and pleasures. Anne Rice is real good at describing the feelings and emotions of a new slave in a new place full of masters and mistresses.

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  • Excerpt from Exit to Eden. Elliot is punished once again. Not a bad short story. In fact, he only explained how he got a taste for cock sucking. Malory is caught by his big brother while masturbating naked on the beach. Then his brother pisses on him and masturbates, then comes on him. Very dull.

    Not too bad. The Brutus Cinema shows porno movies. A young man goes there and he sits beside another. They jerk each other. The author knows how to recreate the ambiance of such cinemas. Not a bad story. Part 6: First person, nonfiction Mmmmpfgh , Andrew Holleran; This story is about gay men stalking the dunes and walking the paths for only one purpose: to eat meat penis. It explains how they chose. This story explains how things worked at Jack-Off J. A large group of gay men going from one to the other and jacking off each other.

    Funny story. The Reality of a Dream , W. Delon Strode; Awakening in the middle of an erotic dream, Xavier imagines how this dream could have finished. Having gay sex as the supreme proof or anarchy? Why not?


    Tinder confessions in India: “I lost my virginity to that man”

    Interesting story. Good With Words , Stephen Greco. The MC dreams about the golden ages, when the Mineshaft was still open. He discusses about it with old friend Albert, who is good with words. Then the MC goes to a party where they play as if the Mineshaft was still open. Interesting perspective on the difference between doing the real thing and speaking of the real thing during sex.

    Flesh and the Word: An Anthology of Erotic Writing

    There is a few exceptionally good stories, a few dull ones, and the rest is average. One of the main interests of this anthology is that it goes back to the 50s and there is an interesting variety of styles and focus. So I give 4. Apr 28, Surreysmum rated it it was ok Shelves: , homoerotic-fiction-by-men , homoerotic-fiction-by-women , short-stories. You would not have believed the silly song-and-dance I went through with myself to get a copy of this anthology of sexually explicit short fiction about gay men. Determined not to cross the threshold of Glad Day myself why?

    I dropped mention of it into conversation with all my gay friends until eventually one took pity on me and gave it to me for Christmas. In the event, it proved only intermittently satisfying, and much of it was [These notes were made in ]. In the event, it proved only intermittently satisfying, and much of it was surprisingly familiar. The marquee name on the cover, and one of the only two women writers represented, is Anne Rice, finding a place to publish two chapters dropped from her novel Exit to Eden. Anyway, the chapters were moderately exciting to discover. The Hollinghurst contribution was an excerpt from The Swimming Pool Library, which I read recently, tho' alas I didn't get around to reviewing it.

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    • Edmund White was also represented by a couple of excerpts sex scenes, of course from longer published works, where, despite the usual immediacy and unusualness of the sensual metaphors and similes, I felt the lack of context hurt the writing somewhat, and made it seem closer to the art-less run-of-the-mill paperback porn than it would have been had the characters already been alive from elsewhere in the story.

      The most striking, and certainly the most disturbing item in the collection was a short story by Steven Saylor "Aaron Travis" , called "Blue Light. The psychological reverberations even for a woman reader who cannot quite, I think, comprehend the full gut horror of the fear of castration are immense and fascinating. Having read it through once for its uneasy but strong stimulation value, one then immediately wants to reread it to find out exactly what is going on, what it all means.

      The last story I'd like to single out is not so complex in terms of layers, but it appeals to me, inevitably, because of the gender-bender aspect. An accident, a reflection of Preston's tastes, or a clue in that never-ending puzzle of what makes a certain and distinct segment of womankind so fascinated with male-male encounters? This one is about self-knowledge, and though 3rd person, is very much from the point of view of a casually contemptuous self-identified straight male, who is kidnapped and cowed by another man into realizing where he "belongs" in both the sense of fitting in, and of being owned.

      The captor is also the brother of a woman who wants revenge, who has been at once dominatrix of and despised by the captured man, and much of the climactic pun intended action happens in her shadow, as it were, as the captor runs home movies of the woman and his prisoner.