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Annual visits back home, where we binge consumed at Target and Taco Bell.

Jennifer Richardson shares her advice for expats thinking of writing a book. Why did you make the decision to move back to the US?

Americashire: A Field Guide to a Marriage

Work opportunities brought us back to Boston and, now, L. What advice would you give to other expats wanting to write memoirs or books about their experiences abroad? Tags: Americashire expat interview expat novels Expat writers. Just Landed News.

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Is neobanking the future? Ukraine: What to expect as a foreigner. Scams to look out for when moving abroad. Jennifer Richardson is an American Anglophile who spent three years living in a Cotswold village populated by fumbling aristocrats, gentlemen farmers, and a village idiot.

She is married to an Englishman who provides her with ample writing material. She currently resides in Santa Monica, California with her husband and her royal wedding tea towel collection. You can find her on Twitter baronessbarren. Jennifer is an American who happened to marry a Brit and after a glamorous life in London, the couple decided to buy a Cotswold weekend cottage and attempt to live in the Great British Countryside.

Jennifer is not a bumbling American, clueless to how things work in Britain.

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She tries to embed herself into the fabric of the Cotswolds community they chose and become a local. But becoming a local is not easy in an area where a family who has lived there for two hundred years is still considered an incomer!

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That said, the personal nature of the story may perhaps not appeal to some. But I loved it.

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The book is broken up over a series of key events in the social calendar as Jennifer tries to paint a picture of some of the interesting things that happen in this village throughout the year. She also provides handy walks, which are humorously guided by her marriage troubles. One major topic of the book that is covered quite a bit is whether or not the couple should start to have kids. They also grapple with marital resentment as one half of the couple gets a job near the cottage and can live there full time, while the other has to continue to suffer alone in London.

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I hope she writes a sequel. Jonathan is a consummate Anglophile with an obsession for Britain that borders on psychosis.