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Elvin's living on Harlem's cold; lonely streets; surviving on his own after his grandfather was mysteriously attacked. Since he doesn't know his multiplication tables; his nasty classmate Chet Bullens; a.

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Valencia Somerset; who goes to the resource room with Virgil; feels like an outsider because she's deaf: on my tenth birthday; this girl Roberta gave me a book called Famous Deaf People from History. Shetterly's outstanding young readers' edition of her similarly titled adult book highlights the intersecting worlds of educated; middle-class southern African Americans and Cold War space program scientists. Reading list; timeline. Told in alternating first-person voices; Gemeinhart's heart-rending yet suspenseful novel tells the equally gripping stories of the boy who went to the mountain and the girl who stayed behind.

In certain respects; the story of Mark's best friend; Jessie; who spends the novel waiting; hoping and worrying; is the more morally complex of the two. Now; Gram's decided to roam farther than ever.

And despite his misgivings; Leo's going along for the ride. A fantastic debut novel with plenty of laughs and tons of heart.

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Invisible Emmie is unforgettable! She lives in Los Angeles; California with her husband and daughter. There are 14 poems in the handsomely designed volume; with wonderfully interpretive illustrations.

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Each selection is a gem; polished to perfection". Corinne must call on her courage and her friends and use ancient magic to stop the jumbie and save the island. Julie Andrews Edwards; star of stage and screen; has written a unique and beloved story that has become a modern classic. He holds the Guinness World Record for the most 1 New York Times bestsellers; and his books have sold more than million copies worldwide. The illustrations represent the terrors of war realistically but not graphically.

This tale provides a good way to talk about war and demonstrates the quiet heroism of fighting for something important without using violence. All rights reserved. Lights, Camera, Middle School! She wants to stand out; so she joins the film club to write and direct a sweeping cinematic epic. Will making the film of her dreams turn into a nightmare?

Here; all sixth-grader Alec wants to do is read. When forced by the afterschool program to join or create a club; he comes up with the Losers Club; whose name he feels will sufficiently put off any intruders into his dream of solitary reading bliss. But; when a car accident leaves Ruthie bedridden in a body cast for nearly a year; she starts to see the world differently. Or is it? When year-old Eli Frieden attempts to bike past the town limits for the first time; he is struck with paralyzing nausea and pain that makes him wonder if Serenity is less of a paradise and more of a prison.

Determined to expose the iniquities of Project Osiris; they first seek out Tamara Dunleavy; the reclusive billionaire who funded the experiment. When Dunleavy refuses to help; the quartet decides to find one of their criminal s parents; hoping he will reveal the truth about Project Osiris. It was part dog and part pig. It made no sense; this track. I looked for others and when there were no others; I figured someone must have been playing a joke on me. The noise made the hair on my arms and legs stand straight up.

Humiliation's a bummer; but cute Erin Madison seems friendly; so the asthmatic; white eighth-grader perseveres. Max laboriously introduces his quirks chiefly a preoccupation with bathroom functions; but he also likes comic books and rap ; his supporting Holm, Jennifer L. Lemoncello's Library Olympics. Now; for the millennium; this perennial favorite has an endearing new cover that will enchant both old fans and those with the pleasure of discovering the book for the first time.

Morrigan Crow; a pale; white child; was born cursed. She's the town scapegoat; blamed for everything bad that happens in Jackalfax. All cursed children are expected to live for 12 years; and as Morrigan is about to turn 11; she has one year until she dies on Eventide; when the old Age gives way to the new.

She is the creator of the popular webcomic Saint for Rent ; and NewsPrints is her first graphic novel. Her favorite things include historical fiction; fat birds; and coffee-flavored ice cream. Visit Ru online at www. She; her mother; and her brother Fritz live on the eastern side; controlled by the Soviets. Her father and middle brother; who had gone west in search of work; cannot return home. Gerta knows it is dangerous to watch the wall; to think forbidden thoughts of freedom; yet she can't help herself.

A must have. And they're hungry for electricity. In the Earth of the future; humans are on the run from an alien force--giant blobs who suck up electrical devices wherever they can find them. Strata and her family are part of a caravan of digital rescuers; hoping to keep the memory of civilization alive by saving electronics wherever they can.

Many humans have reverted to a pre-electrical age; and others have taken advantage of the invasion to become dangerous bandits and outlaws. Now Jinny will become the Elder; and the balance of life on the island will be maintained. The mystery surrounding her sudden departure--why would she leave a home where she is; at last; happy and wanted? Despite some heavy-handed symbolism; this is a remarkably well-observed novel; weaving gracefully back and forth in time. When she was ten; she began writing books; mostly fantasy stories where she was the heroine; and she continued writing secretly for years while pursuing acting in stage and improv comedy.

After detours studying in Mexico; the U. After a violent attack by the Sudanese militia; Amira and her family become refugees.

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  6. Pinkney uses onomatopoeia; rhythm; and prismatic imagery to describe Amira's feelings. Evans's spare illustrations provide valuable visual context and a much-needed sense of buoyancy. That's the question eighth-grade football captain Chase Ambrose has to answer for himself after a fall from his roof leaves him with no memory of who and what he was. When he returns to Hiawassee Middle School; everything and everyone is new. The football players can hardly wait for him to come back to lead the team. Two; Bear Bratsky and Aaron Hakimian; seem to be special friends; but he's not sure what they share.

    De la Cruz picks up the plotline roughly where it left off at the end of the TV film Descendants. Now that boundary has been pierced and villains are on the move. This anniversary edition of the Newbery Medal book and second novel in the Logan family saga contains a new introduction by Jacqueline Woodson; Mildred Taylor's twenty-fifth-anniversary-edition foreword; reproductions of Taylor's family photos on the endpapers; and stunning cover art and an opening color plate by Kadir Nelson.

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    She worked as a children's book designer before moving to Portland and becoming a freelance illustrator. She maintains a not-so-secret identity as Winnie the Pow; skater with the Rose City Rollers roller derby league. She can be found on the Web at www. Gita Varadarajan was born and raised in India. More wishes follow; with increasingly unexpected results; until Charlie determines how to help her family when her college-student sister; Abby; becomes addicted to heroin. This magical-realism story is a thoughtful take on the opiate crisis's reach and one family's struggle to cope. Fadi's U.

    After begging her parents for a sister; Raina gets more than she bargained for once Amara is born. From the moment she was brought home; Amara hasn't been quite the cuddly playmate that Raina had hoped. Walt legally adopted the boy and has never had a moment of regret raising him over the past eleven years-even when a childhood virus left Jeremiah with cardiomyopathy and sent him into a spiral of medical interventions; including a heart transplant at ten years old. Two years later; Jeremiah's health has improved; and his obsession with baseball enthusiastically n Pla, Sally J.

    Though the siblings share the same light-brown skin and dark hair their Mexican mother had; each faces the uncertain future differently. Twelve-year-old Charlie loses himself in his obsession with birds and his OCD rituals. Fifteen-year-old Davis finds solace in her quest for romance.

    Holtz's body is discovered just outside the lunar colony; everyone assumes he made a mistake putting on his spacesuit-but year-old Dashiell "Dash" Gibson has reason to believe this was no accident. Earth's first space base has been a living hell for Dash. There's not much to do on the moon besides schoolwork and virtual-reality gaming; and there's only a handful of kids his age up there with him.

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    The chance to solve a murder is exactly the type of excitement Dash needs. There's nowhere to hide on the world's first moon base. After all; it's only the size of a soccer field. His name: Sputnik. To Prez; he looks like a boy; to everyone else; like a dog. But Prez soon learns that Sputnik is an alien who can read minds and play with the laws of Draper, Sharon M.

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    Ten-year-old Stella resides in the small imagined town of Bumblebee; North Carolina; with her mother; father; and younger brother Jojo. Stella struggles with school and attempts to improve her writing skills by keeping a diary. In his beloved horse Lauretta gave birth to the colt Jim; a sickly creature that nevertheless showed remarkable intelligence.