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Jane, who played Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman for five years in the 90s, confessed that all her former spouses get along. By Hannah Hope. Jane Seymour. View gallery.

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JANE (I'm Still Single) JONES

Oct 28, Amy Vida rated it liked it. I received a free copy of Jane I'm Still Single in exchange for an honest review. The first thing I noticed was the cover of the book, and I couldn't wait to get started.

I enjoyed Morgan and Jane's story and their happy ending. Joan Reeves did a great job writing, but the plot was just "ok.

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If you want a quick and easy book with no real surprises, then I'd recommend this book. Nov 06, K is for Cathy rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. Guilted by her best friend, Jane returns to her hometown to attend her ten year high school reunion. Jane like most kids, Jane wanted out of the small rural town to make it, in the big city. The big city being New York and she did make it big. If you have ever gone to a reunion you know some things change and others stay the same.

No spoilers, but this is a truly a delightful easy read. Dec 07, Bernie rated it it was amazing. Loved the characters and storyline. Apr 13, Jackie rated it it was amazing. A short and sweet, predictable story. Definitely makes you smile.

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May 12, Thom Swennes rated it liked it. What a difference ten years make. Jane Jones, an attractive twenty-eight year old woman comes home from her New York life to attend a reunion at her small town high school. Moving from Vernon, Louisiana to New York after high school to study art and was now a successful business woman. With no little trepidation she now returns to her hometown. This trepidation stems from the confrontation with her old classmates; one in particular, Morgan Sherwood. In the What a difference ten years make. In the ten years since high school he had created a successful business and accumulated an impressive fortune.

Most of the other classmates had moved on to different parts of the country with varying successes and failures. Is it true? Can you rekindle the smoldering ambers of infatuation and recreate a new blaze of love and passion? These and many other questions are answered in this light romance. Although the title may be suggestive of another book Bridget Jones Diary , there is no comparison as they are both refreshingly different and unique.

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This said I have no doubt that most female readers will consider this a gourmet treat. Jun 12, Beate rated it liked it Shelves: romance. The editor must have been asleep when they were supposed to work. First of all, it's called "cookie" if you're eating it, not "cooky". Some areas might use it as a local slang, but it's not how Oxford's Dictionary spells it.

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Only thing that kept me going, was remembering how much I liked the other books I've read by this author. These are the kinds of mistakes you find in a manuscript before the editor sits down to do their job, especially when it's this many. Had the editor done their job, this would have flowed much better and the reader wouldn't have been pulled out of the story every five minutes. It's really sad that a sub-par work by an editor is ruining otherwise a very good book. Because Ms Reeves writing is tight and witty, and the main players do so many silly things you can't help but laugh.

And I loved the ending where the heroines daddy gets to put the hero in jail. You know, just cause his daughter told him to. This book is cute and funny and witty and sweet - if you're able to overlook all the mistakes.

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Jul 02, Radella rated it liked it. I found this book entirely predictable, and there's not a whole lot to make it stand out. Jane was the high school beauty that moved to New York City to go to art school. She's a textile designer, but her job is pretty meaningless in the context of the story- it's never really mentioned at all. Morgan was the scrawny high school geek, who went to California after graduation and made millions. They were secretly in love with each other in high school, but they went their separate ways with each f I found this book entirely predictable, and there's not a whole lot to make it stand out.

They were secretly in love with each other in high school, but they went their separate ways with each feeling betrayed.

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At the ten year high school reunion, both Morgan and Jane are willing to believe the absolute worst about each other, even though they secretly in love. At some level, I just was so frustrated with all the miscommunication that was going on. Morgan overhears something Jane is saying, and he takes it out of context They are both so busy doing things just to irk the other, I just wanted to scream that this could have all been cleared up ten years ago if you'd just TALKED to each other! I also found it bothersome that the reunion was a whole weekend of things to do.

I was more interested in figuring out the logic of having such a big spectacle for just a ten year reunion I found my mind wandering to this sort of speculation, because the story was rather bland and predictable. Jul 04, Cocktails and Books rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , kindle-ebook. This story reminded me why I didn't go to my class reunion well that and miles and why I would kill my best friend if she ever did this to me. Jane Jones is back home in Louisiana to attend her 10 year class reunion.

Since graduating, she's built a prosperous design business in New York. The only thing missing in her life is someone to share it with. Although she doesn't want to admit it, she's still scarred by the broken relationship she had with her secret high school boyfriend.

So when g This story reminded me why I didn't go to my class reunion well that and miles and why I would kill my best friend if she ever did this to me. So when gets to the 1st event to the reunion, she's presented with a name badge that announces that she's still single and she finds out her secret boyfriend will be attending the weekend festivities after all. She's even more put out when she discovers that her best friend is behind the awful name badge and knew Morgan Sherwood secret high school boyfriend was coming and never said anything to her. What follows next is some comical events of Jane and Morgan trying to one up each other in a game where neither one of them really knows the rule.

Throw in an ex-classmate trying to find herself husband 3 and Morgan's "girlfriend" and you've got a somewhat predictable story that was still fun and easy to read. It's a great beach read or, if you're like me, while floating around in your pool with your kindle in a waterproof bag. Nov 15, Cathryn rated it it was ok.