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Brooklyn junior state. Hip Hop ,.

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

Reborn One Hundred Years. Greatest Love Generdyn. Forever, I Am Yours Volunteer. Indie ,. Amber Light Shawn Williams.


Something Tonight Taylor Acorn. Country ,. Neon Jungle Virgil Arles. Hip Hop. Love You Well Secret Nation. Ready To Fall Boundary Run. Miss Me Breakup. Eden Sublab. Ambient ,. Tempest The Born Love. Fighting For Lyra Blue. Good Morning Laxcity.

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Pop ,. Be Anything Tyler Williams. Soaring Airplanes.

Eschaton feat. Chris Coleman Tony Anderson. Blues ,. I Got You Anders Sohn.

  • The Edge of the East.
  • Hope (2225).
  • Analysing Variation in English.

Hope Emily Brimlow. We Have It All feat. Zachary David - Instrumental Marie Hines. Meris Jordan Critz. Rowling—sound like blissed-out Zen koans.

Lil Dicky - Earth (Official Music Video)

Yanya makes the best of repetition, wielding certain words and phrases like blunt instruments. But with its galloping bass and kaleidoscopic, ever-shifting textures, it seems wistfully nostalgic, if not downright celebratory. And you can hear how Parker, in the span of a decade, went from headphones auteur to Coachella headliner. This internal debate is punctuated by his own quivering backing vocals, a Greek chorus commenting on a twisted spin through modern romance.

Balvin worked with William to reinvent the source material, adding Spanish lyrics, chants, and ferocious Latin percussion.

Best New Music — September 27,

In a state of mourning, though, something that should be sweet can often turn sour. With this song, at least, Yorke makes it sound beautiful. The piano chords are simple and translucent; the beat ambles casually. Young M. Against a loose, snare-heavy beat, she raps breezily about sex with other women—a rarity in hip-hop that she plays off nonchalantly amid lines about getting drunk and cracking jokes with friends. The coyote howl of the title is both a tease and a triumph, the sound of finally feeling at home in your own skin and inviting others to play along with you.

Listen: Young M. It begins with a clip of the crew of the Challenger realizing the malfunction on their spaceship, giving the love story that follows an undercurrent of mortality. Turns out she had a sinus infection during the recording. But carnivals themselves are a form of trickery: youthful joy on the surface, covering a shadowy underbelly. The Migos became mainstream stars. The song itself is a perfect distillation of everything that makes the Migos irresistible: a Gucci Mane-derived gift for quotables, a sizzling Metro Boomin beat, ad-libs for days, and an ear for perfectly placed guest stars—in this case, a before-he-was-huge Lil Uzi Vert, rapping about falling asleep in a jacuzzi.

Soon enough, the Migos were matching chart feats once set by the Beatles, cementing their status as generational titans. Lil Uzi Vert]. The U. Waka Flocka Flame]. Above all the roaring maximalism, Healy is tuned to the sound of his many, many desires: for attention, sex, intellectual validation, intimacy, and, quite possibly, immortality. With this, he embodies a very millennial mindset: as eager to promote himself as he is to air all of his insecurities.

A Tribe Called Quest have never been conscious or woke in the way that so many of the best-intentioned rappers are. Instead, they adopt the playful, nihilistic tone of high cultural gatekeepers, turning it back onto those same gatekeepers over kick snare and hi-hat. We got it from Here When it came time for Sampha to write and record his debut album, the UK singer was in mourning. The instrument is likened to a childhood friend who helped him channel his despair into song. As Sampha narrates his coming of age, the hiss of room tone and the cooing of birds can be heard deep in the mix.

The effect is one of intimacy, of being welcomed into a private moment of respite. Few moments in pop this decade have delivered this level of ecstatic catharsis; only big rooms and big crowds can do it justice. But Drake steals the show, drowning in his double cup while taking shots at the throne , perfectly paired to a beat from fellow Canadians T-Minus, Nikhil S.

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Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne]. Doom metal trio Sleep became legends by doing a few simple things very well. They played slow. They played loud. They made smoking pot sound like an epic journey on par with Lord of the Rings. Close your eyes , they seem to say, There is a band playing in your head, and they are getting high. The lead single from the mega-selling breakup album 21 transformed her into a global star, and she has hardly made anything like it since.

Her vocal control, the way she allows melisma to curl around the edges of her voice, is like a superpower that needed this song to reveal it. The sampled guitars might be from a Modern Baseball song, or maybe another Lil Peep song entirely, and the first voices on the track are a half-buried sample of the California pop-punk band Better Luck Next Time; the echoes run together the same way that incoming headlights smear into one beam when you squint.

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It has the lifespan of a soap bubble, this fleeting burst of euphoria. You feel the urge to protect it. The chorus, meanwhile, zooms out into the cosmos, as she pays homage to fallen musical heroes like David Bowie and Prince. Listen: St.

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