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  • Nevertheless, I would like to recommend this book as a worthwhile read and a good yarn. After being rescued from his dangerous mission, Halfdan finds that his painful past is now haunting him as Snorre Toke's Second in Command and his crew continue to threaten him at every turn, all while the Frankish king has been assembling his army on both sides of the Seine River and slowly cutting off the Vikings from provisions.

    The trap is set, but the Viking leaders have made there own plans and boldly sail to take on their great host in a battle that will be remembered for hundreds of years. The battle is nearly lost without Halfdans skill with a bow, and he wins the gratitude of the War king. The Vikings then set their sights on the great town of Paris, where an unknowing Genevieve, after having been ransomed, has returned.

    This is a very fast paced book and a thrilling read! Judson Roberts has clearly done his research for his books, and stays very true to historical facts, and captures a true ideals of a Viking life.

    Judson Roberts

    I highly recommend this book for personnel, or classroom reading. I hope one day soon Peter Jackson will see this book and turn it into a movie!!! Halfdan Hroriksson is on the hunt. Determined to find and fight his brother's killer, Halfdan knows he must first gain experience as a Viking warrior.

    He's been lucky so far.

    He gained passage on a ship and is quietly learning the strategies of war and conquest from the hardy crew. Now, with a prisoner in towthe daughter of a wealthy aristocratHalfdan is finally starting to earn some respect, and a name for himself. But he is not looking for praise. Halfdan is only biding his time, gaining strength and skill for his ultimate quest.

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    The Road to Vengeance (The Strongbow Saga #3) by Judson Roberts Book Reviews

    Time and again he proves himself on the battlefield, using clever strategy and an uncanny talent with a bow and arrow. Halfdan is growing as a warrior, but will this be enough to beat a savage murderer? Through epic battle scenes and intimate power struggles, Judson Roberts brings the Viking world to pulsing life in this next chapter of the Strongbow Saga.